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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who am I?

I'm having kind of a "where in the world do I fit" day. It just seems I live this life in a bit of a lifeless coma. I don't do much but explore the Internet universe (blogs, a few gaming sights, websites) and watch some prime time TV and call it a day. If I have a day off work, I revel in the fact that if there's nothing pressing I have to do that day, I can spend it in my jammies, or maybe shower sometime afternoon.
Do I have to be an "upstanding pillar of my community"? Or start volunteering my time at a shelter because I sometimes have spare time? Can I just be a slob sometimes? Does it make me a bad person to just lye around the house and do nothing productive?
It's actually the best day of my week when I have a day like that. I may be a bit of a social outcast, or dare I say, loser, but I'm pretty much OK with that. What am I gonna do? Go out to the bar and get hammered? Or worse, sit at home alone and get hammered? I guess I'm just realizing that life is mine to do with it what I may. And I may stay in my jammies and watch TV all day today. Sounds heavenly to me. Have a comment, please share.

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Sherendipity said...

Darling, you just described me to a "T". You might just be my doppelganger.

Thank you for stopping by CduJ today. Your comment gave me warm fuzzies all day. The next time you stop by Sherendipity, say hello!