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Monday, March 16, 2009

Stuff, Glorious Stuff

Ever notice how much stuff you accumulate over time if you're not careful? I lived in the same apartment for almost 8 years and still never unpacked all my boxes from the move there. Now, as I pack once again, it seems I'm weary of throwing anything out, yet I know the same will happen with some of these boxes. I guess I'm a pack rat. It's in my genes. Just ask my mom, but not while dad's around. I wouldn't want to start a fight.

You'd think I'd be more organized with my keepsakes, working in a photo/scrap booking shop and all. But I find little things all over that I intended to scrapbook so many times, and never found the time(or never pulled my butt away from the TV/computer screen long enough) to do.

I do hope this time I can do it right. I'm impressed already, at how I've labled boxes and done pretty well so far, but I know as I get down to the last boxes it's all gonna go out the window so I can get back to my TV/computer time. Who am I kidding... I'm a lost cause.

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Michelle said...

I used to be the same way. After having the second baby I forced myself to start throwing stuff. And I haven't missed any of it yet. It's just hard deciding what to keep and what to throw. Now we are in a much bigger place and it seems I still have too much stuff. We had flooding in our basement yesterday and as I was moving boxes I realized that half the mess down there is just crap that will still be in boxes after being here for years, so I'm making a pile of stuff to throw once again. Good luck with the packing/moving. I don't envy you- I hate moving!