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Monday, March 2, 2009

Back to reality... yuck!

I've been home recovering from surgery for almost 4 weeks now, and though I've gone a bit stir crazy, going back to work wasn't great, either. Less than 2 hours and my back and feet are killing me! Everyone was great, though.. asking how things are going and wishing me well. It was nice to see them all. I guess I should give a few details... I work in a retail photo store owned by my parents. I work with them, as well as my brother, so as you can see, It's a family business.
Anyway, the moral of the story I guess is, being cooped up at home vs. going back to life as it was... I'll take a little more of each, please. Let me explain... Although it is good to be out, making money(much needed by the way after losing almost 9 weeks without pay due to recoveries), I really do wish I could have a little more at home time. It's this time that has introduced me to bloggers around the world, as well as Twitter(I'm a bit obsessed). So, I guess what I'm looking for is about 6 more hours in every day. That's my wish... to have 30 hours in a day. I'll get working on that and leave you with this: I just found out god is on twitter... It's about time he get with the program! hehe

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