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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Tuesday

I'm gonna try something new... I usually analise and re-analise everything before I publish a post, but today I'm just gonna ramble and see where it gets me.

I got to watch my first episode of late night with Jimmy Fallon last night since I could sleep in a bit this morning. I was suprised how natural he was! It almost seems as if he was made for the gig. I'm excited to see more from him and am still sad at the idea of Leno leaving because Conan will never measure up in my book.

Another thing on my mind this morning, this whole time change thing. I understand it's supposed to give us more daylight, but WTH? Can't we just accept what nature gives us? What gives us the right to play with time? It seems a little like playing God to me. I mean, why must we lose an entire hour of our lives when there already are too few hours in a day?


Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

I love Jimmy Fallon too!

Keely said...

I haven't seen Fallon's new gig yet...glad to hear it doesn't suck ;)

Glad you could play! Happy Tuesday!