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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Top 30 Mp3's

So, Jen Lancaster, a writer/blogger at http://www.jennsylvania.com/jennsylvania/whom I adore, dared some of her blog followers to list their top 30 songs on their mp3 playlist, so here goes:
1)Killing Me Softly-Lauren Hill and the Fugees
2)I Love Rock n Roll-Joan Jett
3)Workin' for a Livin'-Huey Lewis and the News
4)Lady-Little River Band
5)Harden My Heart-Quarterflash
6)Stand In the Rain-Superchick
7)In the Light-DC Talk
8)I'm Not Ready to Make Nice-Dixie Chicks
9)3 AM-O.A.R.
10)Evil Angel-Breaking Benjamin
11)Live Your Life-T.I. featuring Rihanna
12)Addicted-Saving Abel
13)All Mixed Up-311
16)Stranger-Hillary Duff
17)Whatever you Like-T.I.
18)Hurt-Christina Aguilara
19)Dear Diary-Pink
21)Buttons-Pussycat Dolls
22)Gravel-Ani Difranco
23)Volcano Girls-Veruca Salt
24)Tatoo-Jordin Sparks
25)Givin' Him Something He Can Feel-En Vogue
26)Rehab-Amy Winehouse
27) Fade Into You-Mazzy Starr
28)Fire and Ice-Enya
29)Ram Jam-Black Betty
30)My oh My- The Wreckers
So, there ya have it... I have no excuses. I like what I like. I'm all over the place and not a bit ashamed.

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Michelle said...

Wow, this would be hard. I am a huge music person. I've got my mp3 player loaded and ready to go for the hospital-hoping it will help me deal with contractions. I might have to challenge myself and do this. I've got so many favorites for whatever reason, it would be hard to narrow down to 30.

So hows life anyways? See there is a new man-congrates, you two look happy! I never get out anymore. Didn't play darts this year-the smoke really bothers me when I'm pregnant. I think I've been in a bar maybe 4 times throughout the past nine months! But soon, very soon, I'm gonna hit the town and throw some back!