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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Shoe Just Keeps Dropping

You know that scene in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, where the two of them just fall, and fall for what seems like an eternity? This is my life. I feel like I'm spiralling out of control. It's official. T and I are through. I packed up all my stuff and moved in with mom and dad. But, on the bright side, if there is one, I'll probably have a healthier outlook on life now that I'm not being treated like shit on a daily basis. There's only so much a girl can take...
So, I'm apartment hunting and hoping to find something that won't break the bank, but that isn't a dump, either. I know-can't be done. But I'm trying to be optimistic.
Another bright note... it's finally stopped snowing after dumping 22 inches. As soon as my car is back in one piece, I just hope I won't get stuck. Plows are working hard, so should be a-ok by that time.


Michelle said...

Hey, sorry to hear about the breakup. Hang in there and when all else fails, remember--DRINK! I've lived with the in-laws for 3 months when waiting for our house to finish being built. So I know what that can be like-and all I can say is good luck with that! Praying you find a nice, affordable apartment soon for the sake of your sanity!

Sherendipity said...

You know that really annoying saying, "Everything happens for a reason"? I believe it. Honestly, I do.
This will be good for you, and I wish you the best of luck!

Minnesota Girl said...

Good for you for standing up for yourself and doing what is best for you...even if it is harder than hell and sucks sh*t! (I've been there too.)

Hang in there! I agree with the annoying saying quoted above: "Everything happens for a reason." It does, and you will come out of this better (and stronger) than ever!

Antoinette Meaterson said...

Best wishes to you!! Look at it this way, things can only go up from here...Save your money for a while and get a kick ass place!